No Dream Too Big, No Task Too Small

   LARC helps you find the answers. LARC appreciates that your dream is unique. It is not approached with a standardized, cut-and-dried methodology. Every project, no matter what size, receives the total attention of top management, the composite talents of the entire LARC team and a full measure of creativity. Each job is customized to meet the project’s needs and your objectives. In 1970, LARC was founded to offer the domestic and international leisure-time industry one comprehensive source for consulting, research, design and management. While other companies perform some of these same functions, only LARC provides full turn-key service.

 LARC has worked in over 48 countries around the world. LARC’s international experience enhances our ability to communicate cross-culturally and exposes us to the latest ideas in entertainment concepts. LARC is unique in the leisure field in depth, breadth and length of experience, comprehensive range of services, and professionalism and integrity. Our commitment of excellence to the industry and to each client, large or small, shows in every detail of every project. No other firm offers as many services or as much experience as LARC. And, no other firm can meet your demands for timeliness, business acumen or responsiveness as well as we do.